Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Tests abound…

Today and the remainder of the week has come to show itself as a time of tests. Test of Mathematics, test of Physics, and what will most likely be a test of endurance and resilience.

For anybody who lives on the coast, I would that you and your property are not too adversely affected by Isabel. To those of us inland, particularly in the Raleigh area, I hope that nobody is negatively afflicted by the storm. Disaster can often bring out the best in people, when communities bind together to face the inevitable common snare that is tragedy.

As the sun sets on the East Coast, only God knows what sunrise will bring. For the coast, the dark shawl of night begins the onslaught, whilst the eerie glow of an occluded dawn will awake those who live inland. The calm before the storm sets as the sun before night and the mysteries it shrouds. Consciousness takes its leave of me for the day, and only the heavens remain to hold watch. Into sleep we all drift slowly, bring the morning what it will.

Did I paint a picture that is ominous, foreboding, and looming? Well, it’s my attempt. Have a nice day, and rest well, for nobody knows what the morning will bring.

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