Thursday, October 02, 2003

The beginning approaches

The beginning of the competitive marching season is nearly upon us. Our transcripts are out so Seniors can begin correcting information and sending in college applications.

We had rehearsal today, an hour of which was spent standing in one spot rehearsing music. At “attention.” That’s not cruel or mean in any way (AHEM). I’m talking to more people now, I think. Hunter is, of course, still Hunter. There’s no hope for that man. None whatsoever.

The weather is beautiful, yet the schoolwork is not. The friendships I enjoy, but the schoolwork I do not. I look forward to Saturday and the fun it will bring. For, doubtlessly, competitions will be fun, success set aside. We can either succeed or fail, but the fun will, for us, always sail.

Getting my transcript today really put things in perspective. For 4 years, I’ve kept many friends every year, but I have also met many new friends every year. For the friends I have met, kept, and now miss, I am grateful. Sure, I could have been different, and I could have worked harder for school. But I think that I have handled things well, and for the fun, friendship, and fellowship—I am thankful. To everyone who reads this, I know, already, that next year will be hard, since I will have to leave so many of you behind, if not forever…

But for now, I have homework to do, so I’ll talk to all of you later! See you tomorrow (and for some of you, Saturday)!

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