Monday, August 04, 2008


This is for everyone who knew me in my years there. Don’t get bogged down in the past tense; there’s so much more to see beyond that. I’m still not wholly convinced I’d be where I am now if it weren’t for all of you.

Here’s to you, the people who put up with my endless work and my frequent absences. Here’s to you; to the memories, the faces, and the places that I’ll always remember; to the shenanigans which stand cemented in our past; to the fights, the tears, and the laughs; to the blue skies and white snow; to the curious but agreeable union of orange and maroon; to the deafening roar of Lane stadium and the serenity of the duck pond; to the twilit corridors roamed by the craziest and brightest among us; to the hushed rumors that color our days; to knowing that the experience, missing just one piece, wouldn’t be as good; to knowing these are the experiences we should never forget.

This is for the personable town where I was born; the place where I lived, loved, lost, learned, and left; the place that taught me one can love ideas as well as people; the place that is as much an idea as a destination; the place I saw, through the worst of times, that there’s still some basic good left to be found; the place where a tiny piece of me still lives, at heart; the place I’ll always carry with me; the place I’ll try to share with people through my deeds, even if they can never and visit and understand its character; the place I know we should never forget.

I hope I’m as much a part of your Blacksburg as you are parts of mine. Regardless of what it is to you, make sure you Never Forget it.

Adieu. Hopefully I’ll be back some day.

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